Colorado Regional

Denver, Colorado, March 7-9, 2014

What a fantastic time we had at the Colorado regional! It was two years in the making, but LiveWire was able to meet their rookie team - the Arabian Knights from the United Arab Emirates for the first time in person. So very exciting! We stayed at the same hotel, ate all our meals together, hung out in each other’s pits, and helped each other with every aspect of the competition. Truly the Blue/Green sea! Many lifelong friendships were cemented at the competition. We were so proud of them for winning the Rookie Inspiration Award and we were honored that they were there to celebrate our winning of the Regional Chairman’s Award.

United Arab Emirates Mentoring

LiveWire has had the unique opportunity to start and mentor an international FRC team! Based in the Manor Hall International School in Al `Ayn, Abū Z̧Aby, United Arab Emirates, this team is the first FIRST Robotics Competition team in the entire Arabian Peninsula!

The framework for this team began in the fall of 2012 when LiveWire coach Kelsey Margulieux began teaching in Al Ayn. LiveWire began corresponding with the students through Skype and email, allowing them to "virtually shadow" LiveWire throughout the 2013 FRC competition season. The students started with basic engineering concepts and LEGO kits, utilizing a curriculum we have made available on the Teacher Resources page.

Students then began construction of an FRC robot chassis and were introduced to LabVIEW programming in anticipation of the 2014 season. Check back for updates on their progress throughout the year!

Build Season Mentoring

LiveWire has had the very unique opportunity to start the first FIRST team in the entire Arabian Peninsula. We have been in frequent contact throughout the build season with the coaches and team members of the Arabian Knights FRC 4928 of the United Arab Emirates. We texted and emailed almost daily and had Skype sessions with them biweekly - once with coaches and once with student each week. We sent our college mentor, Dirk to the UAE for two weeks at the beginning of the build season to assist them with programming and building and to introduce them to the culture of FIRST. Dirk transported hard to find parts and wish list parts for them. We were relieved when he cleared customs even though he had numerous motors, wires and all sorts of robot making materials stuffed in his suitcase. 
The student team members have graciously translated our book- To the Top into Arabic and have been sharing it at story times in their school.
The students on both sides of the world are beginning to get to know one another and are excited that they get to meet in person when we attend the Colorado regional.

Tool Shopping

August 5th, 2013, Pocatello, Idaho

LiveWire and the UAE - together again in person, for a secret meeting, strategy session, and tool buying for the 2014 season. It will be an exciting year!!!

Pre-Season Robot Construction

Manor Hall International School, Al Ayn, United Arab Emirates, May, 2013

In preparation for the 2014 season, our friends in the UAE have purchased materials and are learning and practicing their robot building skills. From early construction of a basic chassis, to learning to solder and use the drill, to finally getting the cRIO to turn on--it was all new and exciting.

Bag and Tag Night

ISU College of Technology, Pocatello, Idaho, February 19th, 2013

LiveWire Skyped and interacted with three classes of students in the UAE throughout the season and on Bag and Tag night.

United Arab Emirates Student Mentoring

Manor Hall International School, Al Ayn, United Arab Emirates

The LiveWire team has had the pleasure of having middle school and high school students from the Manor International School “virtually shadow” the team for the 2013 season in anticipation of starting FLL and an FRC team in the UAE for the 2014 season.