Just in time for build season, the 4H LiveWire Robotics team at ISU would like to announce the RING OF FIRE!

Each ring contains 12 super bright RGB LEDs, enabling display of dozens of different colors. It accepts 9-12V DC power and has I2C communication, allowing for programmable, dynamic changes of color! 7 colors are currently programmed in: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, teal, and white.

The ring has a 7.6cm outer diameter with a 4cm diameter hole in the center. The 12 LEDs together draw .23A with a single color illuminated in each LED, .45A for two colors, and .67A for three.

We are very excited about these custom made LED rings! LiveWire’s RING OF FIRE was designed specifically for compatibility with FRC robots. With the ability to change colors dynamically, it is easy to find the optimal color for vision tracking, or even dynamically switch between them during the match. The ring is compact to fit on the Axis camera but is incredibly bright to aid in vision tracking.

The RING OF FIRE has many uses off the robot as well! Mount it on a GoPro or other video camera (it can run off a 9V battery!) for better illumination or night filming. Use for decorative or mood lighting on vehicles or around the house. With so many color options packed into such a small ring, there are so many possibilities!


LiveWire's Fourth Original Children's Book: LiveWire's Robot Christmas


LiveWire's Robot Christmas is the fourth in a series of books meant to engage 3 to 8 year old audiences and introduce them to STEM. It is a lighthearted Christmas tale, following the main characters from the three previous books, as they work together using their own unique skills to save Christmas.

Christmas is right around the corner and Santa has suddenly come down with a cold. Unable to complete his holiday duties, he sent his reindeer off on a much needed vacation. Hoping to save Christmas, Santa calls upon his friends Phoenix, Mis. Fathom, and the Minibot. Working together, the three must figure out how to pilot Santa's sleigh and deliver presents to children around the world.

LiveWire's Original Children's Book: The Fantastic Frisbee Flinging Phoenix


LiveWire's third original children’s book, The Fantastic Frisbee Flinging Phoenix is based on the 2013 Ultimate Ascent game and stars our robot, Phoenix:

Itís 2013 and Phoenix is excited to compete with her alliance. In a practice match, Phoenix took flight to the peak of a pyramid and tumbled back to the ground, breaking her wing in the process. Now unable to fly, Phoenixís old alliance turned away but she forged on and found a new alliance. Phoenix discovered a new strength and confidence in the value of friendship.

LiveWire's Second Original Children's Book: IN BALANCE


LiveWire's second original children's book, IN BALANCE, is based on the 2012 Rebound Rumble game and stars our robot, Mis. Fathom:

Mis. Fathom is excited to be competing once again at the regional competition, but her three rookie teams are nervous about the upcoming event. As the day progressed, each rookie team discovered their own strengths, ranging from balancing to shooting 3 point baskets. But then, disaster strikes. Mis. Fathom takes a tragic tumble! She's broken down, but another team comes to her aid, taking her to the mobile machine shop to get repaired. Very soon, she's back in the game!

With Mis. Fathom cheering them on, the three rookie teams advance to the finals. Trying unsuccessfully to triple balance, the teams soon realize that to succeed, they must persevere through their troubles and work together as a team.

LiveWire's Original Children's Book: To The Top

LiveWire's first original children’s book titled, To The Top. It is based on the 2011 LogoMotion™ game and stars a FIRST team’s minibot:

The Minibot thinks he’s found his calling on LiveWire but is scared by the daunting task ahead of him. Luckily the team has a crucial job for him: climb the tower and win the game! So, despite his fear, he tries to climb the tower.  One fourth, halfway, three fourths and the Minibot is losing faith! But LiveWire and another team work together to get the Minibot to the top and WHOOSH! He files to the top, lighting the tower, showing what teamwork and coopertition™ can accomplish.