OneByte, the flat potato super hero, is LiveWire's Offical Ambassador of STEM. He is a symbol that we have created to represent and showcase LiveWire's community outreach. OneByte travels with the team to all our competitions and events. He has even been across the world! Keep your eyes peeled, you never know where OneByte will pop up next.

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OneByte in the Philippines

Philippines, November, 2014

Parker decided to support an orphanage in the Philippines as part of his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout project. He asked LiveWire to help him to gather supplies (art supplies, books, toothbrushes, personal hygiene products). The team also made robot dolls for the children and sent a copy of each of our original children's books. OneByte had the unique opportunity to travel to the Philippines with Parker. The children were enthralled with OneByte and enjoyed the books when Parker read them.

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