2016 Team History

Game: FIRST Stronghold


Tipping the scale at two-thirds of the weight limit and just barely under 16-inches tall, WHEELS is decidedly on the small side. But that doesn’t mean she’s missing anything! Fifteen-inch bicycle tires effortlessly conquer the defenses with Super Shifters delivering high and low speeds. A snazzy green and purple manipulator arm tackles the Sally Port, Portcullis, and Drawbridge and if that’s not enough to catch your eye – a couple of green and purple spotter flags will! WHEELS’s Boulder intake and shooter mechanism will help weaken the tower while accurately scoring boulders thru the high goals. An extendable arm and winch will help to scale and capture the tower during the end game. Multiple autonomous allow WHEELS to cross defenses and score a boulder from various starting positions. All in all – LiveWire’s WHEELS is sure to electrify any alliance for FIRST Stronghold.


Idaho Regional March 30-April 2, 2016:

  • Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
  • Quarter Finalist

FIRST Championships: April 27-30, 2016