2014 Team History

Game: Aerial Assist

Robot: Wilma

Wilma Version 1.0 Wilma Version 2.0 Wilma Version 3.0   Wilma Version 1.0 (Central Valley)        Wilma Version 2.0 (Colorado)       Wilma Version 3.0 (Championships)

After each competition, Wilma underwent renovations, leading to three distinct versions. Each of these versions has the same 6-wheel drop-center chassis design with a slightly different manipulator.

Wilma Version 1.0 competed at the Central Valley Regional. With only two moving parts for her manipulator, Wilma Version 1.0 was extraordinarily simple. One motor lowered the tusks to the ground in order to pick up game balls and reposition the cradle that held them while a club would hit the balls over the truss or into the goal. This version also employed a potentiometer for flawless auto-alignment of the cradle, greatly increasing accuracy.

Wilma Version 2.0 competed at the Colorado Regional and was outfitted with a roller to more easily harvest game balls. The motor controlling the position of the cradle was replaced with pneumatics and the club was repositioned on the chassis, allowing for a better angle to launch the balls. Also, the club was outfitted with a wider, heavier head for increased power.

Wilma Version 3.0 competed at the FIRST World Championships. Her cradle was improved upon with the addition of two small pneumatic cylinders that locked it into place, leading to 100% shot accuracy on both the competition and practice fields. Version 3.0 also employed a reinforced harvester and a hall effect sensor for automatic club alignment.


Central Valley Regional:

  • Engineering Inspiration Award
  • Fourth Seeded Alliance Captain
  • Quarter Finalist

Colorado Regional:

  • Regional Chairman's Award
  • Dean's List Finalist

FIRST Championships Curie Division

  • Thirteenth Seed after Qualification Matches