2013 Team History

Game: Ultimate Ascent

Robot: Phoenix

Phoenix did more than "rise from the flames" of what was first thought of as a setback. She was a light robot with four wheel drive. All four wheels right in the middle of the chassis, but also right in the center of her center of gravity! She steers at the very center, but is quite stable due to carpet sliders at each corner. Her shooter table tilts with the use of a unique helix drive, which has a mechanical lock so that when the lift mechanism is started, no weight is being carried by the shooter lift! She could quickly lift in the end game every time for ten points. And she did it with grace and beauty! Many parts were 3-D printed: the arc for the shooter, the chain guards, and even the sponsor's logos. She did much more than rise, she let everyone know that 4H LiveWire Robotics at ISU had risen to a great place.


Utah Regional:

  • Quarter Finalist