2012 Build Season

Utah Regional

Maverik Center, West Valley City, Utah, March 15-17, 2012

We competed at the Utah Regional March 15-17, 2012. The team had a fantastic time! We provided the mobile machine shop, gave a useful tool gift to all the rookie teams, and provided a story time to younger children with our original book— To The Top. On St. Patrick’s Day, we each wore one green sock and gave the matching sock away to someone from another team. It was a crazy way to meet new people and make new friends. We were honored to be picked on an alliance with FIRST teams 1332 and 3334. You guys were amazing!

We particularly enjoyed having 2 of the rookie teams that we mentored this season at the regional with us. (Driggs – 4175 and Declo – 4178). We were so proud of their accomplishments both on and off the field! Thanks for letting us help you guys out this season—that experience really drove home what FIRST is all about!

Congratulations to Team Tesla!

San Jose State University, San Jose, California, March 31, 2012

LiveWire sends congratulations to Team Tesla, FIRST Team 4086! They recently won the Rookie All Star Award at the Silicon Valley Regional. It is a well deserved award for a very hard working team.  We predict great things happening for this team in the future. We look forward to seeing them in St. Louis at the Championships.

Good Luck to Our Rookie Teams at Regionals!

BOTT-Wired, FIRST team 4178 from Declo, Idaho

Team Tesla, FIRST team 4086 from Twin Falls, Idaho

Top of the Mountain, FIRST team 4175 from Driggs, Idaho

It has been a pleasure to work with you this season!
We think you are all ALL-STARS!!!

Painting the Rocks

Century, Highland, and Pocatello High School, Pocatello, Idaho, March 5, 2012

LiveWire, along with our sister team HayWire painted the spirit rocks in front of all 3 of the high schools. It was a beautiful spring day and we had a blast!

All Night Science Camp In

Herrett Center for the Arts and Science, Twin Falls, Idaho, March 2, 2012

Members of LiveWire had the unique opportunity to travel 150 miles to the Herrett Center museum on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho to participate in an all night science camp. Team members served as chaperones, class aides, and mentors to 144 third through fifth grade students. It was a TON of fun for everyone.

Bag and Tag

Pine Ridge Mall, Pocatello, Idaho, February 21, 2012

After working all day, LiveWire was able to bag and tag Mis. Fathom with 26 seconds to spare. She is ready to rumble at the Maverik Center in West Valley City, Utah on March 15 to 17! At midnight, we called each of our rookie teams to check on their progress and to congratulate them on a completed build season.

FIRST Annual Wire Rumble

Pine Ridge Mall, Pocatello, Idaho, February 18, 2012

LiveWire invited many teams from southern Idaho and northern Utah to join us on February 18 at our shop in the Pine Ridge Mall for the FIRST Annual Wire Rumble. Several teams were planning to attend, but had to pull out at the last minute due to non functioning robots. Teton High School, Team 4175,Top of the Mountain from Driggs, Idaho attended and participated in driver practice and scrimmages on our half field. There was plenty of time for all the teams to network, strategize, and troubleshoot together for the upcoming regional competition.  Driggs was able to stay after the event for additional help with programming questions and help with their bumpers and robot. It was a blast to network and socialize with other teams!

Activities for younger children included a story time featuring our original student written book about the minibot and feasting on the FIRST logo sugar cookies. Upper elementary and middle school students had an opportunity to sign up for the 5th Annual Robotics Summer Camp. Kids of all ages had fun driving the Vex robots in the mall.

Rookie Team Mentoring

Mentoring continues via weekly teleconferences using Idaho Education Network Classrooms. All rookie teams are making progress and we look forward to seeing them in person at our Wire Rumble on Saturday, February 18, to test robots and troubleshoot mechanical difficulties. Teams first visited our shop for Kick Off brainstorming and a strategy session.  All together 95 minds shared ideas, the chicken dance, and pizza. (Thanks Mr. Fellman of jcpenney for lunch!)

Weekly Build Season Updates:

Week Six Update:

Our Chairman’s award essay is submitted and Bag and Tag is approaching fast. Rules and tools made a second bridge and helped clean and organize the shop for our Wire Rumble. Programming is helping work on the final touches of the robot and perfecting the autonomous code. Public relations are now working on making their video and perfecting their presentation. Build team gets the gold star for this week though, working into the wee hours of the morning completing the robot. Driver selection was made this week with Dirk as driver, David as co-pilot, and Brian and Patrick as rotating human players.

Our Wire Rumble showcase was a huge success! Top of the Mountain, our rookie team from Driggs, joined us for driver practice, scrimmage matches, programming and robot building help. We enjoyed being able to network with another team. We missed BOTTWire and Team Tesla – but they were unable to attend at the last minute due to robot difficulties. It was fantastic to see our build shop packed with spectators. We debuted our minibot book in a special story time outside our shop to about 30 young children. All in all, we showed our community what FIRST is all about.

Week Five Update:

The written portion of the driver’s test has been administered and the performance portion will be carried out early in the coming week, with the drivers to be announced before our event on Saturday. The PR and Web Design teams have submission deadlines that are quickly approaching. Both teams are working on the revisions of their final projects. The Build team has the casters nearly complete and the manipulator will be mounted shortly. They are making plans for a snazzy paint job on the robot—think yellow! The Programming team is perfecting the autonomous code and helping the build team. Rules and Tools is making good progress on preparing for the FIRST Annual Wire Rumble that takes place this coming Saturday, February 18. Please join us 12:00 to 3:00 PM at our shop in the Pine Ridge Mall. There will be activities for kids of all ages.

Week Four Update:

We are at the end of week 4. Only 18 days until we must “Bag and Tag” our robot and only 12 days until the submissions for the web site and the chairman’s award are due. The Build team has the rollers for the manipulator working and are continuing to machine parts for the manipulator. (Thank you ISU College of Technology.) Rules and Tools is currently building the inbound station to put the finishing touches on the game field. Programming is writing and testing code as well as wiring and coding the encoders. Web Design is making updates on the website and helping HayWire construct their website. The PR group is writing the Chairman’s Award essay and planning the FIRST Annual Wire Rumble and Robot Showcase event that is scheduled for Saturday, February 18.

Week Three Update:

With only twenty five days left until “Bag and Tag”, the electronics on the robot are completely functional. “Bag and Tag” is the end of the build season when we must seal our robot in a bag (and not work on it) until our competition in Salt Lake on March 15th. We have a rolling chassis with only a small amount of work left to do. Our web design group has recently added two new pages titled “Build Season” and “Alumni”. The build season page contains this blog along with other information pertaining to the team’s numerous build season and pre-season activities. The alumni page contains information about the alumni from our first year as a FIRST Robotics Competition team.  Rules and tools has made great leaps in promoting safety by setting up our own “safety zone” which houses the team’s first aid kits. Also, the finishing touches are being put onto our practice field and rules and tools is beginning to focus on our image as a team once we get to competition.

It’s alive!!! After some intense de-bugging, the programmers have successfully downloaded working teleop code onto the robot and it drove. We even made it spectacularly over the bump. Also, programming has gotten both the pneumatics and the ultrasonic sensor to work. Mark your calendars for the 18th of February for our very own week zero event, The Wire Rumble, right here in the Pine Ridge Mall.

Week Two Update:

It’s the end of the second week and the build season is already in full swing. The build group has welded the robot frame and mounted the gearboxes and wheels. Programming has received output from gyros and the air compressors are functional; teleop programming can now begin. Web design is updating the site and pictures along with the total service hours. LiveWire members have given over 2300 hours of community service! Rules and Tools have put the hoops and ball returns up on the practice field and have started construction on the bridges. The PR group has been writing grants and giving daily tours to parents, the public, and the press.

We’ve been published!! The Idaho State Journal published an article (written by our fabulous PR team) about both teams this last week and has signed us on for a new article every week of our build season. We’re spreading the message of FIRST even further throughout the community!

Week One Update:

Kickoff week has finally arrived! On Saturday, January 7, 2012, FIRST released the robot game for this year, Rebound Rumble™. To celebrate the kickoff, we hosted two rookie teams, Bott-Wired from Declo (FRC Team 4178) and Team Tesla from Twin Falls (FRC Team 4086); in our expansive new shop in the Pine Ridge Mall for a day of intense brainstorming, team bonding, and pizza.

LiveWire has been progressing greatly and building on the chassis has already begun. Programmers have successfully achieved communication between the components of the control board and have started with teleop programming. Web design is working out the bugs of our website. Rules and Tools are making great progress on the construction of our practice field. Thanks to our new accommodations, we can have a regulation half-court in our very own shop!

Mark your calendars because on February 18th, we are planning our FIRST Annual Wire Rumble. This year, we hope to involve several other FRC teams from around Idaho. Hope to see you there!!

FIRST KickOff 2012:

Hillcrest High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho, January 7th, 2012

LiveWire was invited to particpate with the Ammoknights of Idaho Falls, Idaho, in the live viewing of the 2012 game, Rebound Rumble™

Brainstorming and Strategy Session:

Pine Ridge Mall, Pocatello, Idaho, January 7th 2012

LiveWire invited HayWire and the rookie teams from Declo, Idaho (Bott-wire-FRC Team #4178) and Twin Falls, Idaho (Team Tesla-FRC Team #4086) after kickoff for an intense brainstorming and strategy session at our shop. The four teams divided into small groups with representatives from each team, allowing for inter-team collaboration. There was even time for a pizza party (generously doanted by Greg Fellman, our honorary team member from jcpenney) and some dancing.


Pre-Season Activities:

Marshmallow Team Building Activity:

Pine Ridge Mall, Pocatello, Idaho, January 5th, 2012

Both LiveWire and HayWire put their collaboration, building, and engineering skills to the test by constructing a tower of spaghetti that would support a large marshmallow.

FIRST Terms Pictionary Team Building:

Pine Ridge Mall, Pocatello, Idaho, December 15, 2011

LiveWire and HayWire used a customized version of the classic game Pictionary to familiarize themselves with FIRST terminology while getting to know their teammates.

Secret Santa Service Project:

Pine Ridge Mall, Pocatello, Idaho, December 2011

LiveWire and HayWire fulfilled the wishes of several underprivileged children as part of a Secret Santa service project. Team members were divided into several groups and each group was given $20 to purchase gifts for these children. It was a great outreach activity to help our community.