About Us 2012

LiveWire Robotics 3456 was established as a FIRST Robotics Competition™ team for the 2011 FRC season. FIRST is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing science and technology to the youth of America.

For the 2012 season, LiveWire was located in the Pine Ridge Mall in Pocatello, Idaho and worked closely with Team Haywire 1569. LiveWire operates under the guidance of three amazing coaches and is currently comprised of 18 students (grades 9-12) from all three high schools in Pocatello.

Team Motto:

FIRST Things First: Building a Team. Building a Community.

Build Groups 2012:


Sue Stahlecker, Kelsey Margulieux, and Roy Angle.


Set a high standard for Gracious Professionalism™

Provide laughter, joy, and great team bonding opportunities

Lead team cheers and are always ready to start the chicken dance

Team Captains:

Patrick and Dirk


Provide leadership and help the team become a cohesive unit

Provide assistance and guidance wherever necessary

Act as team representatives

Build Team:

Patrick, Melissa, Brian, David and Aaron S.


Design, build, and test the chassis, drive train, and manipulator


Anna, Joey, Dirk and Tommy


Program and test autonomous and teleop code

Configure computers and networking, and fix computer problems

Construct, wire, and test the electronics and control systems

Construct and configure pneumatic systems and sensors

Public Relations:

Kip and Kitanna


Coordinate community outreach and fundraising activities

Market the team through pictures, documentation, and multiple media outlets

Create an essay and presentation for the Chairman's Award

Create a video for the Chairman's Award

Coordinate team spirit activities

Rules and Tools:

Daniel, Kailyn, Chris A., Alec, Christopher D. (George)


Build a regulation game practice field

Monitor safety procedures

Make everything in the shop and on robot look "pretty"!

Web Design:

Harrison, Katie, and Kip (not pictured)


Maintain the LiveWire team website

Official Photographer:



Documents our team activities through formal and candid photographs

Offical Mascot:



To spread team spirit throughout the competition

Inform inquisitive visitors to LiveWire's pit about Mis. Fathom and LiveWire's outreach endeavors